We’re a full stack, Artificial Intelligence powered mobile and web application development company.

We’re brand new. We don’t have a legacy. Legacy means outdated in technology. We do have impressive credentials but past glories mean nothing to us. We’re not cool for the sake of it. No.

We’re young, we’re curious and extremely hungry for challenges. We do what we can’t.

We don’t go by the rulebook but create our own path. We don’t work for clients but rather with them.

We don’t sit in a big office with glass cabins. We sit in a boiler room (that’s what it’s called) and pull off work equivalent to a 1000 people. We don’t just work for a paycheck.

We’re interested in ideas that change a generation, if not the world. That’s what makes us sip coffee in the middle of the night and get back to work.

We’re Day1.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

User centric

We’re not obsessed about our clients, we’re obsessed about our client’s clients. We believe technology should have a learning curve to understand human behavior, not the other way around. We employ human centered design to solve real world problems.


We partner and function like your in-house team. Transparency works in our favor because we believe winning our client’s trust is the most important aspect of building a sustainable business.

Attention to Detail

God is in the details. We believe it’s not possible to win without getting into the trenches detailing out every single thing that would affect the end user experience. We work to delight.

Building for the future

We're the mobile first generation. We believe in only latest technology that makes us more productive while achieving great results.

World class operating standards

We employ global standard project management tools to ensure absolute transparency is maintained in what we do.


Karthik, or ‘Kim’ as he popularly goes by, is a seasoned marketing maverick, entrepreneur, visionary and thought leader.

With a career that spans over 15 years across international markets, he is currently the Co-Founder of Day1 Technologies. He is responsible for promoting the brand in high growth markets, identifying new business opportunities, accelerating business growth, conceptualizing and designing end-to-end strategies among other things.…
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Karthik Vemula

Co-Founder Day1

Jay is the CEO/Co-Founder of Day1 Technologies, a product-first company in the AI-first world.

A passionate technology and innovation enthusiast, he brings a new approach to technology leadership with his drive for building products and aiding start-ups and entrepreneurs in their product-roadmap.

His innate interest in product engineering, designing, UI/UX, AI and machine learning is what he brings to Day1 Technologies.…
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Jayavardhan B N

CEO | Co-Founder Day1

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