Video Blogging Reimagined

1TAM is a video based opinion sharing app that replicates real life conversations on the mobile platform.

Users can share their opinion, ask for feedback or share just about anything with a 60 second video. Interaction is fueled by users responding to videos by their own 60 second video as a response. Each engaging action earns points for the users who are then ranked on a leaderboard.



Technology Stack

MongoDB, Express and Node.js


Video blogging is the new ‘8 minute abs’. With millions of products in the market and heavy competition, how does one build an app that reconstructs the dynamics of video blogging, provides a ‘reason to exist’ like no other and still not be a ‘me too’?

The team at 1TAM wanted to build a platform where users can express their views, follow and interact with other users in the community in real time much like a real world face to face conversation. Even more, earn points while doing that.

ThinkingStrategy & Approach

Day1’s signature design discovery workshop helped in evolving 1TAM as an engaging community platform. Day1 and 1TAM together identified key features and the core architecture of the app that would make the platform stand out in the competitive video blogging space.

ResultFinal Experience

Day1 built an intuitive app with gesture based controls for ease of use. Best video compression techniques were deployed to ensure highest playback quality at a given bandwidth. An AWS transcode with multiple pipelines configured at its best jobs scheduling configurations following the priority defined for each jobs.

The user flow was designed in a way that made any key action in the app achievable within 2 – 3 taps and a highly scalable backend architecture to sustain large volumes.
iOS : App


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