A solution for application of training knowledge within the workplace.

Acadmi is an intelligent and personalised Mobile Training Solution for SMEs & Corporates to deliver highly engaging, interactive training content to their employees.

The app takes care of the individual employee’s training needs and employs gamification to engage the user and get them hooked to learning.





Technology Stack

Ruby on Rails (ROR)



Along with Day1, the team at ACADMI wanted to address a very specific issue that HR and Learning & Development Departments in corporates are currently facing: the engagement, recall and application of training knowledge within the workplace. The task: An engaging interactive platform personalized to an employee’s training needs, goals, interests and performance that engages the user while encouraging them to return to the platform frequently.

Thinking Strategy & Approach

The Learning Methodology, researched by top neuroscientists is focused around continuous reinforcement through repetition. Considering this methodology, Day1 built an interactive gamified learning platform that hooks the user to upgrade their skills consistently in a fun manner. With elements of gamification like competing against your peer group and game-like exercises, all delivered through the immediacy of a mobile device, Acadmi is the ‘fitbit of corporate learning and skills development’. In essence, Acadmi aims to increase a Company’s Productivity while lowering L&D costs and employee attrition rate.

With real-time metrics and analytics as well as a huge range of features, this is a training solution that is tailored to a mobile generation and set to redefine mobile learning.

Result Final Experience

UX and UI Design of Acadmi platform and development of backend as well as a fully responsive Web front-end supporting both mobile and desktop.


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