Building the next gen real-time climate monitoring dashboard for Bosch

Bosch Climo dashboard provides remote monitoring of the microclimatic data measurements for key air pollutants – PM, CO, NO, NO2, SO2 and O3.

It is a real time Air Quality Index (AQI) displayed as a Heatmap for any location in the world.

Bosch Micro-Climate Monitoring System (MCMS) is technologically advanced and incurs zero added infrastructure investment. It connects compact wireless sensors over Wi-Fi and GSM networks enabling micro-climatic data collection. MCMS is powered with the state-of-the-art IoT-friendly Intel Quark processor enabled with a “pattern matching” technology; facilitating energy-efficiency, scalability and sustainability for real-world applications.



Technology Stack

Responsive Web
React JS with Node JS


Bosch’s smart compact sensors collect micro-climatic data for key air pollutants at locations around the world. The requirement was for a data visualization interface wehre all of this data is presented in an easy to understand manner.

Thinking Strategy & Approach

Combining the vast amount of useful data with Day1’s expertise in mobile development, Climo, a responsive web application was developed that provides a real time Air Quality Index as a heatmap layer for any location in the world. The dashboard provides historical data for the past 24 hours and forecasts of air pollution gases for the next 48 hours represented on a graph view. This helps citizens of the world make informed decisions to protect themselves from outdoor and indoor pollution levels.

Result Final Experience

Design and development of interactive dashboard that is a fully responsive Web application developed using ReactJS and NodeJS backend.


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