The Science of Workplace Ergonomics

Fit For Work is an innovative company that caters to the ergonomic need of office workers for comfort and increased productivity.

Fit For Work is a contemporary Singapore based organisation that caters to the ergonomic needs of a global client base. It builds custom solutions that eliminate office ergonomic challenges, reduce health risks and ensure an engaged workforce.

At Day One Technologies, as their technology partner we built a smart platform that is functional, accurate and tech-driven. It effectively collects, collates and analyses ergonomic data (through survey questionnaire) for business insights and custom solutions. 


Desktop App

Technology Stack

NodeJS, AngularJS


Ergonomics is an essential part of office workspace, having a direct impact on employee comfort and health risks (back pain, shoulder ache etc.) and in turn productivity and wellness. Fit For Work aimed to build a contemporary tech-driven platform that would be able to collect, collate and analyze data from client employees (though custom questionnaires) and offer ergonomic solutions based on specific concerns and budget.

At Day One Technologies, our challenge was specific. First, digital transformation (i.e. convert the legacy database and excel-based-surveys into digital formats); Second, automation (i.e. respondents should have access to the questionnaire through a digital platform, with step wise instructions, follow ups etc. without manual intervention); Third, analysis (i.e. collecting, segregating, storing data so as to draw insights for solutions building)

This required a complete overhaul of the existing manual system, including process automation and digitization, and delivering the niche software requirements within a timeline of 3-5 months.

ThinkingStrategy & Approach

We adopted an end-to-end sprint based agile methodology. We began with digitizing the excel based questionnaires. The platform caters to individuals, organizations and consultants, and the evaluation forms required tailoring. We included multimedia formats, multi-select options, easy upload etc. This not only made it quick and convenient for respondents to fill forms, but instantly updated the database with their responses, sorted by category, scored and ready for analysis (statistics).

Automation was the next focus area. We built a software that would automate the entire system with minimal human intervention. For instance, the system of manual follow ups (after 2 weeks) was replaced with automated communications. This required integration with other platforms (eg. email), setting reminders etc. but saved the business time and money.

And finally we looked into data collection, sorting and analysis. We included minor AI tools and techniques for better insights and assessments. The legacy manual system was laboring and resource intensive. While building the platform, we referred to historically available data, combined it with current data, and built a knowledge base. Then we added tags and labelled data, so as to keep analysis effortless, instant and effective.  

ResultFinal Experience

Our journey with Fit For Work is on! We have been successful in building the initial desktop app for the company with niche features (eg. Creating an evaluation, User Management, Admin View) and functionalities (eg. Payment gateway for individuals) and are now in the next leg of the journey.

Check their website: Here

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