Meditation for ‘Busy Minds’

SOS Method is the Art and Science of Wellbeing. It is meditations reinvented for ‘busy minds’ that works in as little as 5 minutes even when the mind is not still.

Accessible anytime and from anywhere on an innovative mobile app, SOS Method seeks to help individuals and enterprises (employees) thrive with positivity. It’s Special Formula Meditations, Discovery Programs and Life Tools, help to power up and instill calm.

Users can use the app for daily meditations to find relief from stress, anxiety, burnout, sleeplessness and more. Users can also track progress, share stories with friends and family, and help to build a community.


iOS, Android

Technology Stack

MongoDB, Node.js Backend


Meditations and mindfulness are more mainstream than it has ever been before, with over 1,300 apps in the marketplace as of 2017. The project entrusted upon us, was not simply to ‘improve’ an existing app, but to ‘transform’ it and level up the user’s experience.

SOS Method was an end-to-end app re-design and development project. From conceptualizing the new UI/UX, to deciding upon the technology stack, identifying the features and functionalities to be included – this project was a complete overhaul of the existing one.

Additionally, it also had to do away with the existing app challenges namely – poor performance and loading time, disappointing UI/UX, unresponsive customer support and rating system, unpleasant reviews on the app marketplace, high-end security of proprietary meditations and more.

ThinkingStrategy & Approach

A one-of-a-kind brainstorming session helped in diagnosing the existing drawbacks, dependencies and hindrances so as to build a fully-functional and engaging app. Day1’s and SOS Method’s team together considered several designs and UI/UX concepts, to single-out one that would be easy-to-access, futuristic, engaging and action-oriented.

Our strategy also involved backing the design with the right technology (for iOS and Android) so as to ensure reliability and improve performance. The resultant app is smaller in size, faster to load, quick to navigate (actions can be completed in 2-4 clicks) and delivers a positive user experience.

ResultFinal Experience

Day1 has built a next-gen app that’s easy-to-use and can be accessed on the go. With features such as offline mode, favorites, filters, etc. the app has been developed keeping the end user in mind. The app is also design-centric and technologically sound, with several layers of security added (for proprietary content) to avoid hacking or leaks.

The app has already been launched in global markets and has earned high traction from major markets.
iOS : App
Android : App


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