Computer Vision and Image Processing Services
Efficiency and Security with AI applications
Computer Vision and Image Processing Services

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Top AI Computer Vision Company

Computer Vision as a Service In Singapore, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Computer Vision as a Service

What is Computer Vision and How Computer Vision services can help your business?

The APAC region has been pioneering in innovations in AI, Machine Learning, AR/VR, and other cognitive and immersive technologies to prepare and emerge as a global powerhouse. With every passing year, the scope and potential of AI technology is rising and opening new windows of opportunities for businesses. In that context,  Computer Vision development service in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and APAC in general has witnessed enormous growth especially in reference to the ability of machines to decipher and extract data from images, and contribute to solving bigger problems of the future. 

Computer Vision is a part of Artificial Intelligence. A component of Deep Learning, Computer Vision technology focuses on training computers/machines to label, classify and extract data from images. This in turn help businesses to:

  • Cut down resource cost and time (through improved efficiencies) 
  • Redefinite safety and security measures (eg. phone unlocking using facial recognition software)
  • Streamline auto-checkouts and payments in stores (eg. Amazon Go stores)
  • Improve quality control through visual image captures (e. Drone technology) 

At Day One Technologies, as a top AI based Computer Vision service provider we invite businesses to seek the power of AI and transform for the new era. Let’s begin shall we?

Singapore’s best Computer Vision and Image Processing Company
Industry-specific Computer Vision applications

Convolutional Neural Networks or CNNs, the technology behind Computer Vision models have played a pivotal role in taking the technology to its present heights. From manufacturing to supply chain, today examples of Computer Vision can be seen across industries, and with promising investments being made into it, it can be assumed that the benefits are worthwhile.  Some of the prominent industry-gainers of AI applications services have been:

  • Healthcare eg. medical imaging 
  • Retail eg. security 
  • Automotive eg. self-driving cars 
  • Agriculture eg. drone technology 
  • Banking and Insurance eg. vehicle damage claims

Day One has consistently been regarded as one of the best companies developing Computer Vision technology. Having worked on several distinct and esteemed projects in the APAC region, we understand the market, the audience, the challenges and solutions required. So let us help to sail you through.

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Object Detection

Image Classification

Image Reconstruction

Image Analysis

Machine Vision

Facial Recognition

Pattern Detection

Semantic Segmentation

Deep Learning in Computer Vision in Business: Getting started with

Day One

Computer Vision algorithms and techniques

Decades ago when research on Computer Vision platforms were being carried out, there was little clarity on how Computer Vision, Image Processing, Facial Recognition works and how they could be programmed to help businesses. Today, the benefits of Computer Vision technology are more pronounced as businesses worldwide are adopting it to meet specific business goals. 

At Day One, we understand how important it is for businesses – startups and enterprises – to be able to adapt and adopt emerging technologies. AI and digital transformation is necessary, and often not easy. There is technology upgrade, resource skill gaps to train, automation (complemented with RPA development), productivity and other concerns that businesses have to address in the road to transform. As such, when you choose Day One as your AI Computer Vision solutions vendor you get: 

  • The expertise of the best coders, designers and AI developers
  • Custom solutions for Computer Vision software development and API
  • Strict NDA, on-schedule delivery, dedicated support team for implementation and maintenance


Success Stories for Computer Vision Applications Scaling growth with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an umbrella term that looks into a myriad of challenges that businesses encounter and are seeking a solution to. Fortunately, with advanced innovation paving its path, the technology has been steering businesses growth without a parallel. As a top AI based Computer Vision startup company in Singapore, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and APAC etc. we at Day One have experienced this shift in the ecosystem. And with our services, we make it available to you. Eager to know more? Take a look at our client stories to understand how we help brands build their product roadmaps and take the path to digital and AI transformation.

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Shaping a new future with AI-Computer Vision platforms

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