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AI Mobile App Development Services

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps
AI applications for FinTech, EdTech, HealthTech etc.
Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps

AI App Development Company
Data-driven app insights for businesses in Singapore, Malaysia, APAC
AI App Development Company

Driving engagement and growth with the best AI App Development Company

Millions of apps in the App and Play Store, billions of downloads every year – it is a mobile only world that we are a part of and there’s a lot for your apps to do, especially when powered by Artificial Intelligence! 

We are Day One! One of the top AI powered mobile applications development company in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and APAC, and it is our goal to help businesses thrive and grow with the best of AI technology. We build apps like no other – powerful, design centric, intelligent and AI driven, that guarantees instals, conversions and engagement. By leveraging AI and ML tools, NLP, Computer Vision among others, it’s a new era of mobile app development that we bring to you. 

From personalization to promptness, accuracy and data-driven analytics, Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps opens a window of possibilities for brands. At Day One Technologies, as an AI applications development company for mobile and web, this is the window we will help your business to open, explore and do more with!

Personalization first with our AI driven Mobile Application Services
Benefit of AI technology in iOS and Android Apps

Users today are ‘aware’. There is a burst of information everywhere and users today know what they want and what’s best for them. When it comes to mobile app they want everything – brilliant features, stunning interfaces, smooth performance, speed, tech integration – and they want everything to be done exclusively for them. Personalization is the key to striking a chord with today’s audience, and with Day One as your AI mobile software service provider, you can be there.

Intelligent and intuitive AI-powered mobile apps are here to stay. All the more today as the world goes digital-only. From AI in mobile wallets to track spends, to AI in health monitoring apps, to AI in real estate modeling, we are looking at personalization and change at every point. And we make it possible with the best of AI technology including: 

  • Image Recognition Technology
  • Speech Recognition
  • Text Analytics
  • AI enabled Voice Assistants
  • Machine Learning development services
  • Emotion Recognition
  • NLP for Chatbot services
  • Recommendation Systems
  • Deep Learning and Neural Networks
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AI Apps in Healthcare & Wellness

AI Apps for FinTech
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AI solutions for Manufacturing Apps

AI platform for EdTech Apps

AI and Retail Apps

Day One: Making a difference with Artificial Intelligence Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence has been the game changer in the last few years. It will be the deciding technology in the years to come. The role of Artificial Intelligence whether in startups, SMBs or enterprises (including Fortune 500 companies) has been noteworthy considering how it helps businesses to bring agility and accuracy, while doing away with legacy systems, automating rule-based repetitive work, and facilitating data-driven decision making.

At Day One  we help businesses to bring that into mobile applications. AI apps in smartphones are the future especially with NLP technology services, computer vision, AR/VR and other cognitive technologies.. From easy form fills, to search autocomplete, to recommendations on playlists, the world of apps today and intelligent, intuitive and personalized. 

In the few years of our operation, we have been regarded among the best companies for AI powered iOS and Android application development worldwide. And we make it possible by: 

  • Having a customer-first approach
  • Maintaining a strong team of design and development specialists for native AI driven mobile application design and development 
  • Industry-specific AI architecture and APIs
  • Competitive rates, quick turnaround, agile development process, strict confidentiality 


Success Stories: AI Driven Development in Mobile Apps Simplifying App Design and Development

One of the core challenges for any business is to identify the right agency for mobile app development. In Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur and APAC, we have been fortunate to get known for our custom AI powered mobile app development services. It comes with understanding the client requirements first, studying AI trends and industry updates, competitor analysis, future prospects and much more. It’s not a task that can be done in a jiffy and yet, we have time and again been able deliver on time as per business requirements (sometimes in as little as 12 weeks only). Sounds like something worth a discussion? We are all ears! (P.S. Do have a look at our fascinating client success stories)

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Artificial Intelligence in Native iOS/Android Apps, Wearables, and more

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