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AI Virtual Assistant Services

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Top AI-Personal Assistant Development Company

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Digital Assistant Development as a Service

What is a Virtual Assistant?

AI Assistant Services: The game changer in business

Technological innovations are playing a crucial role in transforming businesses and shaping the ways of tomorrow. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, AR/VR are more than ever being used to discover smarter solutions to simple and complex problems. And with services for AI Virtual Assistant development in Singapore, APAC making its presence in mainstream business, it’s a new age of interactive business that the world is looking at. 

An AI powered Virtual Assistant is an AI application that is able to understand voice based natural language and execute tasks. Siri, Alexa, Bixby, Cortana are some of the more well known AI personal assistants in use today. And, along with helping the user to complete mundane tasks, it also helps businesses to: 

  • Optimize resource cost and time by automating repetitive tasks
  • Provide prompt solutions and accurate answers to queries
  • Support marketing initiatives by conducting research, scheduling social media activities etc. 

At Day One Technologies, as a top AI Personal Assistant development company we understand how VAs make things easier. From getting directions to controlling smart home devices, VAs can effectively help users to create a world where the mind can be engaged more cognitively. Let’s learn more about it.

Shaping the future with the best Virtual Assistant Services Company
Value addition to businesses and users

Virtual Assistants are gradually being regarded for smart value addition to uses and businesses. With AI technology driving change in VA capabilities, as a leading Virtual Assistants solutions provider, at Day One we understand how this marks the beginning of a new era. AI Assistants can support an array of tasks including scheduling, calendaring, appointment setting etc. are being used widely across industries. At Day One with our capabilities as a top AI service provider, we can support businesses across:

  • Healthcare
  • Finance and Banking (FinTech)
  • Travel and Tourism
  • EdTech
  • Social Media and Entertainment
  • Rewards and Loyalty
  • E-Commerce

Building a custom VA is no mean task. There are concerns about security and privacy that have to be attended to, the matter of data collection and analysis, the ability to integrate with third party systems to offer better services and more. Adding value after all, is not just about a technology or device. It’s about the overall experience and that’s what the best Virtual Assistant companies are endeavoring to provide.

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Day One at your service: The best Voice enabled Virtual Assistant startup

We understand the core of Virtual Assistant Technology

Virtual Assistant platforms have been no stranger to criticism and concerns. While on the one hand security has always been questioned, the ease it brings to task execution cannot be overlooked. When businesses outsource Virtual Assistant development to Day One as such, it comes with the understanding that we will deliver nothing but the best. Our team ensures:

  • The support of an experienced team of AI developers, designers and coders
  • Quick TAT following an agile development model
  • Dedicated support, implementation and maintenance team
  • AI consultancy to identify the right platforms, APIs and infrastructure
  • Strict confidentiality and adherence to timeline

It is interesting how AI based intelligent Personal Assistants work. By being programmed to understand the nuances of human language (NLP technology development services), and scanning millions of data points (usually using Machine Learning solutions), to offer the required solution/information, Virtual Assistants are helping businesses conquer the growing challenge of competition, customer engagement and cost. And with Day One, you can make the most of it.

Success Stories in Virtual Assistant software solutions The right Chatbot type for you

It is evident that there’s a myriad of tasks intelligent AI based Assistants can do. From administrative tasks, to managing finances and content creation, the role of Virtual Assistants in business is unlikely to ebb in the years to come. Many businesses are often intrigued as to how Virtual Assistants work or how much it costs to build a custom Virtual Assistant? As a top company for Digital and Virtual Assistant development in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur and the APAC region, we believe that it’s not the cost but the technology that needs consideration. And that’s something we can help with. If you are looking for consultation or want to learn more about VA, then it’s time to discuss!

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