Augmented Reality Development Service
Custom AR software powered by Artificial Intelligence
Augmented Reality Development Service

Top AR App Development Company
AR solutions in Healthcare, Retail, Education
Top AR App Development Company

AI powered Augmented Reality as a Service
AR technology for businesses in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, APAC
AI powered Augmented Reality as a Service

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?
Creating a future with AR app development services

Wouldn’t it be exciting to watch the entire solar system revolve on your screen during geography lessons? Or watch and hear the T.Rex stomping in your living room? Or having a contactless try-on for your clothes? Yes, all of this would be exciting and all of this is what AI powered AR app development services in Singapore, APAC can bring to your business.  

A new approach to visual-meets-real is what Augmented Reality is bringing to businesses today. Startups and enterprises alike are engaging with top AI app development companies to include AR technology as it churns in revenue every time. Today, AR in mobile apps are becoming a norm, as brands are deriving value at every point through: 

  • Improved engagement and customer retention
  • Rich user experience through personalized content
  • Organization wide tech and design innovation 
  • Appeal on multisensory experiences for product marketing and branding initiatives

By superimposing computer generated visuals, sound, images over a real environment, AR technology provides a glimpse of reality while helping to educate, entertain and engage. At Day One Technologies, as a top Augmented Reality development solutions provider this is what we offer to your business and help it to leverage and gain from.

Contemporary solutions with the best AR App Development Company
Types of Augmented Reality solutions for business

AR technology is not a recent discovery, but its adoption into mainstream businesses have grown manifold with the rise of smartphones and access to the internet. Services for AR software development are being adopted widely as AI driven AR solutions in mobile apps are helping brands to keep users engaged, collect data, draw insights and do more, in a faster, accurate, cost-effective way.

Global brands like Google, Facebook, Apple are intelligently investing in AR and AI development. Businesses too are looking at smart solutions including AI smartphone apps, AR glasses, smart lenses etc. for added success. Some of the popular AR application types that businesses use include:

  • Marker-based AR
  • Markerless AR
  • Projection-based AR
  • Superimposition-based AR

The Augmented Reality market is estimated to grow to US$ 72.7 billion by 2024 and APAC is expected to hold a major market share. There is demand for AR devices and AR technology in mobile apps especially in the commercial sector (eCommerce) and collaborating with the best company for AR technology services development is sure to take your business in the right direction.

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eCommerce/Retail shopping
(AR to visualize)

Education and Training
(immersive AR apps)

(AR tech for diagnosis, training,)

(AR markers, visualize, model)

Travel and Tourism
(GPS navigation)

Success Stories with AI and AR applications AR solutions for iOS and Android apps

Mobile app design and development have entered a new phase with Augmented Reality and smart objects. The best AR apps in iOS and Android today are interactive, intuitive and creating an immersive environment for users. As a top AR app development agency in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, at Day One we help businesses bring the experience home. With us as your technology partner, you get: 

  • The guidance of an experienced team of AI scientists, app developers and designers, AR/VR technologists
  • Implementation, maintenance and support during the entire project duration
  • Custom AR solutions, affordable packages to fit your budget
  • Quick turnaround, agile development process, confidentiality 

Not convinced? Have a look at how Augmented Reality and VR solutions development have helped businesses in their success journeys.

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AI powered AR and VR solutions in apps for Business

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