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Captive R&D Service ProviderWhy businesses need Captive Research and Development centers

Software product development has witnessed phenomenal change with the growing popularity of Captive R&D labs and research centers. Captive units are often the most feasible and convenient way for enterprises to establish their presence in global markets rather than simply outsourcing to third-parties. Not only is outsourcing more expensive, it often misses out in delivering the best. At Day One Technologies, we believe that Captive units are good for your business and can be centers of innovation, research, and development.

With our Captive R&D services, we make it possible for enterprises to innovate without missing out on huge dollars. Captive IT research units have lesser operational costs, with minimal compromise on resource quality and expenses in terms of domain/technical knowledge. So, if you think your business is ready to join the community of innovators and visionaries of the future, getting started with a captive unit is a good idea.

So, allow our Captive R&D centers to be the answer to your business requirement!

Top Captive R&D Vendor Optimizing tech innovation and resource cost

As a captive research and development service company, we encourage businesses to invest in R&D – to study and analyze markets and audiences, and be future-ready. But R&D can be daunting, especially when the right resources and capabilities are missing.

At Day One Technologies, we extend our services through captive units by supporting organizations with the right talent pool and technology stack. We have robust teams and capabilities in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, NLP, Blockchain, and other deep tech that can seamlessly help enterprises with all their R&D initiatives, while optimizing costs and investments.

And to top that – while our teams co-create intellectual property (that can be patented) at our Captive units, the rights belong to the client exclusively. So why miss out on those business opportunities – explore more with custom Captive R&D solutions.

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Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Natural Language
Processing (NLP)

Information retrieval,
correlation * analytics

Global Captive R&D Services Company

Tech-driven research and development

Organizations in the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, and South Korea, are no strangers to having global-in-house centers (GICs) in other countries. While optimizing costs is one of the strongest
business reasons, GICs also encourage innovations using deep tech. The availability of skilled resources moreover adds to the advantages of having Captive R&D units.

Tech innovation and research is inevitable. And finding the right talent pool for it will not always be easy. Let our research and development practice simplify that.

Functioning of Captive R&D unit:
General Overview


Product/Service Goals

Captive R&D unit

In-depth research and discovery
Integration with existing product/service


Project budget, Technology stack, Co-located/Remote teams

Brand Stories: The Captive R&D Experience How our Captive units have helped brands scale

At Day One Technologies, our goal has been to help businesses scale through adoption of the latest technology. As a top AI mobile app development service provider and having worked with global organizations, we know the benefit of good research and innovative development. Here are some stories on how we have helped brands scale and grow through contemporary market research, product development and strategic decision making.

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TOLLR – Smarter Toll Payments


TOTTO – Bringing the fun back to the party

Services and Solutions for Captive R&D

The market is full of opportunities and organizations need to stay upbeat.

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