Human Augmented
Artificial Intelligence (HAAI) Transforming businesses with intelligent analytics and AI
Human Augmented
Artificial Intelligence (HAAI)

HAAI: Roadmap to the intelligent edge When data is the new currency

The world is evolving and competition has sky-rocketed with startups and enterprises steadily adopting the latest in tech to scale and be in business. Consumer data has become the new currency, with every other business trying to understand, analyze and use data to their advantage. And to help with that, there is artificial intelligence (AI) and its twin component, machine learning (ML).

Acquiring data is only the first step. The real battle begins with tracking, managing, monitoring, studying and analyzing the data. And without the right technology to assist in managing data, there’s little scope of success. At Day One Technologies, that is where we can help with HAAI – our services and solutions for Human Augmented Artificial Intelligence.

With the application of AI and other deep tech, businesses can acquire meaningful insights for better decision making, strategies can be data-driven, target groups can be identified… and more.

Insights with data begins here. Give it a try.

The AI Difference with HAAI

Ideas can be good, amazing or mediocre but execution is what matters. With HAAI and the application of the right technology to your product ideas, we will make your ideas transcend!

At Day One Technologies, we offer end-to-end AI services and solutions for mobile applications and products. From assisting businesses to identify the right AI tech for maximizing output, to helping with automation, product recommendation, expert advice and implementation – with HAAI we give you nothing but the best.

By bringing AI into product development we build products that track, study and analyze user behavior and offer recommendations based on patterns. With our capabilities for Human Augmented Artificial Intelligence, we assist businesses to find a solution to user engagement and retention.

With HAAI, it’s time to add the AI-advantage to your business.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Speech Recognition


Cognitive Learning

Machine Learning

Text & Speech Analytics

Object Recognition Platform

Transforming everyday businesses with AI Driving efficiency with data science

With the implementation of AI, businesses stand to gain a lot more than they stand to lose. AI has revolutionized businesses across the globe especially by bringing in automation and driving decision making through data science.

The impact of AI in industries is now mainstream with more and more businesses adding it to their business capabilities. Our services and solutions with HAAI as such promptly caters to businesses across healthcare, FinTech, education, travel, manufacturing, IT and more.

With HAAI, we aim for businesses to do smart-work first.

Our Technology Stack

Data Science & Analytics
Data Visualization
Data Warehouse
Backend Frontend API.


Periscope Data

Amazon Web Services

Node JS
Angular JS

Brand Stories: HAAI and the world of AI How businesses have grown with our AI and mobility solutions

At Day One Technologies we understand the need for businesses to be ready for the future. With the right tech support, businesses can not only be adaptable, scalable and insightful but also streamline processes, automated and do things faster. Here’s a quick look at how we have helped our clients bring AI into their businesses and get the most of it.

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TOLLR – Smarter Toll Payments


TOTTO – Bringing the fun back to the party

Taking Artificial Intelligence mainstream

The high technology sector is losing no time in taking to AI. Smaller players are often getting acquired and collective capabilities are working towards the bigger picture.

To know more about the transformational power and role of AI in industries, don’t miss out on our regular blogs on AI news, tips, product recommendations, advice and more.

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