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Product and Content Recommendation Engines

Doing more with Personalization with AI Recommender Services

Everyone loves personalization. Personalized recommendations, personalized products, personalized content – in short, everyone loves what is done exclusively for them. And while this obviously is a colossal task, it is a success factor in all businesses. And that’s exactly why AI and Machine Learning services play such an important role in modern businesses. At Day One Technologies, as we offer AI Recommendation as a Service in Singapore, Malaysia and APAC etc. we welcome you to do more with personalized recommendations.

So, what is a Recommendation Engine? A Recommendation Engine is an AI program that collects, analyses and draws insights from user data, so as to offer recommendations based on user patterns and behavior. And how can AI Recommenders benefit modern businesses? It can:

  • Study patterns and provide personalized recommendations
  • Help to increase sales (cross sell) and revenue (upsell) by through targeted suggestions
  • Help in new product discovery across the platform
  • Grow user engagement through analysis-led recommendations

So, the next time Netflix recommends a movie, or Amazon suggests a book, know that there is a smart AI Recommendation System at work here. And as a top Recommendation System development service provider we recommend building it for your brand, to keep your audience engaged.

Driving sophistication with the Top Recommendation System company
Identifying the right Type of Recommendation Systems

Whether you are a startup, a SMB or an enterprise, and you have an online store, a Recommendation platform is for you. Not surprisingly, businesses are considering AI Recommendation Engine development services for :

  • E-commerce Recommendation platforms 
  • Websites and App Recommendation System Design
  • Job Portals and Classifieds
  • Travel and Hospitality portals
  • Online Music and Video streaming Recommendors 
  • News and Journalism and Forums
  • Content Recommendation and Blogs

Smart and sophisticated, the advantage of a Product or Content Recommender is that it understands users. With the right Recommendation API in place, Machine Learning algorithms can make predictions based on data and patterns, ensuring that users get recommendations that promote engagement and sales.
We are among the best Recommendation software developers. And when you collaborate with us, you get nothing less than the best.

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Collaborative Filtering

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Content Based Filtering Systems

Knowledge Based Filtering Framework

Business-Specific Custom AI Models (Hybrid)

Building a world-class Recommendation Engine platform with Day One

The application of Recommendation Systems can effectively be seen across Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Social Media etc. From Retail online stores to video and music streaming platforms, the AI application has made its mark industry-wide. What makes it popular is its ability at experience optimizing. The user experience for instance, is optimized, when simply by rating a particular genre of movie on Netflix he/she is recommended a wide library of titles to select from.

It’s a sophisticated Machine Learning method at work here and with Day One as your third-party technology partner for building AI Recommendation architecture for business, we can help you make the most of it. Some of the ways you gain with us includes:

  • A dynamic, core technology and design team for UI/UX designing services
  • Custom and open-source Recommendation System platform development
  • End-to-end product development, deployment and maintenance
  • Agile development model for quick turnaround
  • Dedicated support teams and strict NDA 


Services for Recommender Development Success Stories and Recommendation Systems Examples

There’s a lot that goes into building a Recommendation platform. There is the technology stack, the architecture, the API, the algorithms, and most important, the data to work with. There is also the UI/UX and design elements to consider that complements the tech in place. And that’s exactly why Day One’s name is counted among the best companies that develop Recommendation Engines in Singapore, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, India and other APAC regions. Our success is based on the success of our clients. It is their stories that have added value to our portfolio. Sounds fascinating? Read on to learn more about our client stories and Day One’s journey.

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AI Recommendation Engines: The future of user engagement

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