Virtual Reality Development Service
Next-gen VR software for iOS/Android apps
Virtual Reality Development Service

Top VR App Development Company
Bringing VR technology to Healthcare, Education, Retail
Top VR App Development Company

AI powered Virtual Reality as a Service
For B2B and B2C businesses in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia
AI powered Virtual Reality as a Service

What is Virtual Reality (VR)?
Future-driven VR app development services in Singapore, APAC

If you are familiar with Google Cardboard or HTC Vive, or enjoyed watching movies like Ready Player One and Tron then you are already in touch with VR technology. It’s a niche world, rapidly expanding across media, education, news (eg. NYT VR) etc. with businesses generously adopting Virtual Reality in mobile apps. With the surge in AI powered VR app development services in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia it’s a new world with top-end VR experiences for everyone.  

Virtual Reality (VR) is the niche technology that uses computer programming to create a simulated environment, providing immersive experiences to users. All that’s needed is a VR headset and an iOS or Android VR app, and one can start experiencing VR, first hand. The benefits of adding VR applications to business naturally are many, as it: 

  • Helps brands to provide a rich product experience to customers i.e. ‘try and buy’ 
  • Improves scope of personalization and interactivity in brand-user engagement
  • Nurtures a tech and innovation-driven culture
  • Eliminates risks, and saves time (eg. demo) and time by building prototypes 

A top Virtual Reality development solutions provider, we at Day One Technologies have the expertise and knowhow required to build powerful mobile apps backed by AI and AR/VR tech. Regarded as a top AI development company, we have helped businesses in the past, and offer our services to help your business in the present. Let’s start, shall we?

Value-addition at every step with the best VR App Development Company
Types of Virtual Reality solutions for Startups and Enterprises

When we think of the impact of Virtual Reality technology in business, it is immense. From motion tracking to display, the scope of services for VR software development is present across insurance, fashion, hospitality, fitness and all global sectors.

There’s breakthrough innovation happening in the field of VR complemented by Artificial Intelligence, gaming and app development, opening doors to the global B2B and B2C market. Based on business requirements, brands can create a VR experience through:

  • Non-immersive simulations (eg. desktops)
  • Semi-immersive simulations (eg. projection based, shutter glass)
  • Fully-immersive simulations (eg. Head Mounted Displays/HMDs)

In 2019, the Asia-Pacific region dominated the VR market with a 41.4% share (global market size of US$ 10.32 billion). From HMDs to Gesture Tracking Devices (GTDs) to Projectors and Display Walls (PDWs), there’s innovation at every step of VR. The best companies for VR technology services development are doing their bit to bring the best out into the market. And it’s only right to make the most of it.

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VR in eCommerce and Retail shopping

VR in Education and Training

VR in Healthcare and Wellness

VR in Manufacturing and Automotive

VR in Travel and Tourism

Success Stories of Services for VR applications VR solutions of Android and iOS apps

The world of extended reality (XR) has finally got its big break. It is here and will stay. A look at the popular trends in VR and AR will disclose how closely immersive tech is shaping the future, eg. collaboration with 5G network for improving learning, gaming etc. At Day One Technologies, with our services for mobile app development, AR technology services, and VR platform development, we can help take your business to the next level.  There’s enough research present to show how adapting is the only way to stay competitive and win customers in today’s market. And with us as your technology partner, you get the best in:  

  • AI developers, AR/VR technologists, App Designers and Developers 
  • Time bound, sprint based agile development, quick TAT, project confidentiality
  • Tailored VR solutions based on trends, competitors, analytics, budget
  • Dedicated team for support, implementation, maintenance

The best VR apps in mobile phones for iOS and Android were not built in a day. But it started with an idea. So, let’s talk about your idea!

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