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Wearables, with smart sensors, chips, and device-connectivity is the new flavor of the generation. From health and fitness tracking bands to smartwatches, wearable technology is impacting the lives of millions. The wearable market size is invariably expanding and the right connected wearable devices has transformed the manner in which individuals look at life.

At Day One Technologies, we want start-ups and enterprises leverage this opportunity to get closer to their audiences. With our AI app development services for wearables, we make it possible for brands to expand their reach by adding weartech as an user-engagement platform as well. Apple Watch, Google Glass, Fitbit, Garmin Vivosmart – if these are names that you have heard of, then we can help you get a lot more out of that!

WearTech is the future. And as we design and develop top wearable applications for you, let us take you a step closer to the future.

#1 Wearable App Development Firm Smart, interactive WearTech for iWatch/Android Wear

Market and customer demands are changing, and businesses must stay up-to-date on the latest tech and innovations to remain competitive. With an estimated 1.1 billion connected wearable devices worldwide by 2020 (Source: Statista), it’s unwise not to tap the opportunity available. As a custom wearable app development service provider let us help you with that.

Our artificial intelligence-powered WearTech app development services are for the next-gen. We have some of the best tech brains and creative minds working on projects, a reputation of meeting timelines, and a powerful data security system, all of which has helped us in building powerful interactive wearable applications for mobiles, smartphones, tablets, and other gears.

So, whether you are looking for iOS and/or Android app development or IoT development for business or personal use, the answer lies with us. Give us a try.

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Wearable Apps for iOS & Android(Apple Watch/ Google Glass)

IoT & AR/VRApplications for Wearables

Wearable Apps for -Healthcare & Fitness

Wearable Apps for -Gaming & Entertainment

Wearable Apps for -Utilities

Wearable Apps for -Travel

Wearable Apps for -Finance

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Best AI WearTech App SolutionsWhat makes our Wearable device app development the best

Building the perfect application for the Wear OS (Android) or the Apple Watch (iOS) has its challenges. From working on customized displays to ensuring seamless functionality, there’s a lot that goes into building a wearable application. At Day One Technologies as your technology partner for wearable technology application development services we bring simplicity and sophistication into our products, by building apps powered by AI and secured by the best techs.

iOS (iWatch)
Objective C
Health Kit
Siri Kit
Android (Google Glass)
Android SDK
Android Studio

Brand Stories: The Wearable App Experience Success stories of top-notch wearable tech apps

As an AI-powered product development company, at Day One Technologies we understand the need for businesses to adopt the latest tech stack. WearTech is a dynamic sector with innovations taking place round the clock. With our innovative solutions for wearables we make sure that you are always a step ahead in engaging with your audience and driving business success.

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TOTTO – Bringing the fun back to the party

AI Wearable app development company

Wearables are driven by AI and we make it possible for brands to leverage it by offering them the best design and development services for wearable app development!

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